The role of fashion inside “We are who we are”

What better way to reach young people and describe them in their entirety than through a TV series? From Beverly Hills 90210 which helped boost Dr Martens sales in the 90s to Sex And The City which launched the Manolo Blahnik craze, this time Luca Guadagnino has thought of it with his new format “We Are Who We Are” to explore and launch new fashion diktats.

The discussed TV series is structured like a Bildungsroman, where a group of teenagers express themselves in an authentic, carefree and unfiltered way. They have the task of writing their future by gradually discovering their true identity, a research that is constructive and exciting but at the same time complex and difficult.
Here the characters rediscover themselves and become protagonists of an unconscious maturity, driven by the anarchy of their inner complexity and their need to express uniqueness by shouting to the whole world “we are what we are”. In the show, non-conformism is understood not as a provocation but as a lifestyle choice.

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